About Us

Our mission is to change the way healthcare paid for

We want to make healthcare more accessible, and free from unnecessary barriers. For everyone.

Our Story

HealthKey started from...

HealthKey was born from the belief that complexity and confusion don't have to play a part in paying for healthcare. What products and services are available, where they can be found, and who or what would cover the costs are just a few of the questions we hope to solve. We want HealthKey to making it easier to access innovative, life-improving health products and serves for as many people as possible, so they can become a healthier version of themselves.


Combining expertise with a passion

Founder & CEO

David holds degrees in both law and philosophy and previously worked as a management consultant at BCG, and at the healthtech company Thriva, where he built and scaled both B2G and B2B health solutions.

Co-founder & CTO

Tudor has a wealth of experience building and scaling products and teams. He also has specific expertise in identity and access management and B2E software from his time as Engineering Manager at SeedLegals and Head of Product Development at Pieran.