Personal, flexible and affordable benefits

Don't settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. Give your team control over their own health and wellbeing with a wide range of providers. You set the budget and you team spend it on the things that truly matter to each of them.

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Why HealthKey

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Truly personalised benefits

Employees have full control over the health and wellbeing products they access, creating truly personal benefits.

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Transparent cost

Only pay for the for products and services that employees actually use, when they use them, with no additional fees.

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Broad range of products

Our network covers a wide range of health areas, including mental health, chronic care, nutrition, women's and men's health, fertility, and more.

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Easy to implement and use

Provide personalised benefits without the cumbersome admin.

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What you get

seamless employee experience

Employee Platform

HealthKey allows employees to pick their own health and wellbeing benefits from a network of best-in-class providers.

Employees can access health products and services at their own discretion
Employees can track spending easily and manage subscriptions directly on the platform
Easy for employees to co-pay by combining their health budget and their personal funds
And much more...
Reduced admin

Employer Platform

The HealthKey employer portal is where you can manage how your employees use HealthKey.

Take full control of costs with flexible health budgets
Review the health budget your employees have been allocated, and check how much has been spent
Select which providers and healthcare categories you want to make available
Use the automated process for joiners and leavers to reduce admin
3 simple steps

How it works

Get in touch

Fill out our contact form and our team will have an initial call to show you the platform and discuss what products you would like to offer your team.


We'll then onboard you onto our platform, where you can set how much budget you want to provide to your employees, and which health providers you would like to offer them.

Share with employees

That's it! You're set up and can share HealthKey with your employees. You've been given the necessary information and you will have 24/7 support from our team.

Support your employees' health with the benefits that truly matter to them



Basic Plan

Yes, it's really free - we want to make better healthcare options accessible to as many people as possible.

Access health providers at discounted rates
Ability to set and control your employee health budget with no minimum spend
Accessto the employer admin portal
Employee access to the HealthKey platform
Get in Touch
Employer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose providers to work with?

You decide which providers to you would like your employees to access. We only work with best-in-class providers, and are always ready to help with guidance

What is the Health Budget?

Health budgets are a dedicated budget given to employees to spend on personal and preventative health. You decide on the size and frequency of the allocated budget.

Why should I go to HealthKey instead of directly to providers?

HealthKey gives direct access to a network of health providers at preferential cost, and you only pay when employees use the products or services.

Why is it better to use a budget instead of reimbursements?

The Health Budget removes the admin burden of reimbursements, and allows employees to access health products at their own discretion.